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Friday 23rd September 1966


Trip to Manchester.
Went Manchester. Got
gen on Mechanical Eng.
Letters to 1. Mech. Eng. Institute
Letters to 2. V.S.O.
Letters to 3. T. L. Osborn

Letters to 4. Soulwinners’ Course
The trip to Manchester was organised by my school. I can’t remember now whether it was to the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology or to the University of Manchester proper that I, or we, went. I visited the Mechanical Engineering department and got gen (information) on the courses that it ran.

Mech. Eng. Institute—presumably the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.
V.S.O.: Voluntary Service Overseas.
T. L. Osborn: See T. L. Osborn; also tracking.
Soulwinners’ Course: A chain of references starts at Tuesday 8th March 1966.

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