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Monday 29th August 1966


Went Heysham on Bike
after rain had subsided.
Got wet coming back.
Came off my bike.

My visiting Audrey at her grandma’s at Heysham came about after Peter Gooding and I went camping on Friday 26th August 1966. Our intention was to go camping for a number of days, and Audrey, knowing this, decided to go to stay with her Mum’s parents in Heysham. But Peter and I changed our minds and came home the next day.

I was missing Audrey, so despite the threat of rain I cycled to Heysham to see her. She was surprised and pleased to see me. She looked lovely in a white T-shirt. I remember that I used to tell Mrs. Wood that her Mum made wonderful chips [french fries], so this may have been an (or the) occasion when I was given them. I was returning home along Skippool Road, and had just turned the corner where there is a high brick-wall to the left, when I came off my bike and landed with a thump on the rain-wet road. I think the accident was caused by my front wheel’s hitting an irregularity in the road, not by the slippery road surface. But I was not injured, and continued on my way, I think to my Grandma and Grandad Cooper’s where I was staying.

I came off my bike by the high brick wall shown in this photo — out of shot just off to the right. (Photo originally posted by Emma Butterworth on Thornton Cleveleys Past.)

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