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Sunday 4th September 1966


Went Sunday School
Got to make sand tray.
Sunday School Teachers’ Training Class
Went [to] Sunday School. Got to make sand tray: There was another of Mrs. Smith’s classes today; and I assume that the notes, reproduced below, were written today, because they are headed Sand Tray, and because on Sunday 11th September 1966 I gave a sand tray demonstration in front of the class.
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There are also two further undated pages in my Sunday School notebook:
  1. One written at the back of the notebook, for a visit to observe Warren Street Sunday School; there are listed three terms of reference for criticism, written during one of Mrs. Smith’s classes, and actual observations and notes from the visit. (I had also previously visited Warren Street Sunday School on Sunday 16th January 1966.)

  2. One written on the penultimate page, for a similar visit to West View Sunday School—probably separate from the visit there on 18th September 1966—with notes based on the terms of reference I wrote for Warren Street.

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