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Sunday 15th June 1986

See also Saturday 21st June 2008.

Cycle ride to Walesby
Not much is written in my diary for this event.

Written shortly afterwards:
Bike ride
  Big dog
Little owl
  2 hedgehogs

Written on 29th July 2002:
Set off ca. 3.30pm
home ca. 8pm
Beelsby, Walesby etc.
v. hot day
 (from info. supplied
 by J 29 July 2002)

Looking back across Barton Street to the coastal plain and Grimsby

Rapeseed fields en route

Laying an oil pipeline

All Saints’ Parish Church, Tealby — 4.45pm

The lane on the edge of the Wold to Walesby

Moor Road, Walesby. The end of the house in which Philippa was born can be seen to the right of the pole.

St. Mary’s Church, Walesby

Inside St. Mary’s

The church on the hill, All Saints’, or “the Ramblers’ Church”, as it is known — 6pm

Inside All Saints’
As I walked back down the wooded path to the village, I saw in the shade ahead of me a large grey beast, which on first sight I thought was a donkey; as I got nearer, though, it turned out to be a huge Irish Wolfhound.

View of the Ramblers’ Church from the road out of Walesby

A continuation of the trench for the oil pipeline was there as well.

It’s the middle of June, but this ash-tree on the top of the Wolds is only just coming into leaf.
On the road back through the Wolds, I came across a dead Little Owl, with eyes still bright yellow; and en route I also saw two dead hedgehogs.

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