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One night in January 1965, my friends Peter and Chris, and I, aged 14, ran away from home.[more] “Home” was in Thornton Cleveleys near Blackpool. Chris suffered from epilepsy.[more] We’d seen a TV programme about a church in Manchester that claimed miracles of healing,[more] and were seeking a cure for his fits. After a number of adventures, including being given hospitality by a total stranger,[more] we ended up the next afternoon at the home of one of the pastors who had been on the TV.[more] We should have been in school, of course. Pastor Williams laid his hands on Chris and commanded the “evil spirit of epilepsy” to leave him in the name of Jesus Christ.[more] Whether or not there really was an evil spirit doesn’t matter: Chris never had another fit. And we were convinced straight away that God had done it—we saw no need to wait and see![more]

I started posting stuff on the internet a few years ago mainly because I wanted to publish the events of 1965.
Initially I used MySpace, on the profile page of which I found two headings: “About me”, and “Who I’d like to meet”. The legacy of my time on MySpace is the article —
and what I’ve written in “About me” (right column).
Then I started posting my 1965 stories on Facebook, where blog-entries were called “Notes”. That’s possibly where I got the name John Edward Cooper’s Notes from, for the hundreds of articles you’ll find posted here.
The 1965 stories required some Early Days material for background information; and it was only a step further, after posting that, to attempt to post everything that I could recall or find out from my Early Days (and those of others of my acquaintance).
Then I went forward and posted 1966 — the whole of the diary I kept for parts of that year and other documents.
Towards the end of 1965 and throughout 1966 I was going out with Audrey, so I rounded off that story by posting selected material from 1967.
And there was “Johannine Writings”, a conflation and revision of two old autobiographical scribblings, one from 1969, and the other 1969–1977, covering the period 1965–1972.
And things continued to develop from there…

Vacations and visits:
Photos, and text from my diary, about vacations and visits, are what I post mostly nowadays.

Vacations and visits in 2012

Mum’s 90th birthday “do”

Vacations and visits in 2013
Mediterranean Cruise
North Wales
Aegean Cruise

Vacations and visits in 2014
Robin Hood’s Bay and Scarborough Camp

Vacations and visits in 2015
Wedding of Tony and Basia
Malta and Gozo

Vacations and visits in 2016
Iceland, Faroes and Northern Isles Cruise
Apulia, Italy

Vacations and visits in 2017
Cambodia and Vietnam
Helsinki, Tallinn and Riga
“Classical Spain”
Weelsby Woods, Grimsby

Vacations and visits in 2018
The Blue Danube

Vacations and visits in 2019
My Mum’s funeral

About me:

John Edward Cooper: b.Blackpool, 19 May 1950, to Marjorie (1922–2019) and Charles (1923–2004) who have departed to be with Christ, which is better by faraway from the body and at home with the Lord [Philippians 1:23, 2Corinthians 5:8, NIV]; older brother Steven (b.1948); m.Janet, 23 Aug. 1975. Member of City Church, Great Grimsby and North East Lincolnshire. Employed by Jobcentre Plus (1975–2010), latterly Finance Officer; retired July 2010 — hurrah!

Who [sic!] I’d like to meet:
[original MySpace version]

…In eternity, everyone who is, or has been, dear to me.

Alfred Edersheim (1825–1889) wrote:
…Of this we are well assured, that the Judge of all the Earth will judge, not only righteously, but mercifully. He alone knows all the secrets of heart and life, and He alone can apportion to each his due meed. And in this assured conviction may the mind trustfully rest as regards those who have been dear to us. …Of these things does he [the writer] feel fully assured: that we may absolutely trust in the loving-kindness of our God; that the work of Christ is for all and of infinite value, and that its outcome must correspond to its character; and, lastly, for practical purposes, that in regard to those who have departed (whether or not we know of grace in them) our views and our hopes should be the widest (consistent with Scripture teaching), and that as regards ourselves, personally and individually, our views as to the need of absolute and immediate faith in Christ as the Saviour, of holiness of life, and of service of the Lord Jesus, should be the closest and most rigidly fixed.
The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah, Appendix XIX: "The Question of Eternal Punishment"
Because I "know of grace" in my Dad Charles, the prospect of seeing him again goes beyond "widest hopes" to full assurance. I pray that this will become true for all those who are dear to me, who are still alive and are left, but in whom I do not yet "know of grace".

See the current version here.

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Recent posts:
The motorbike and sidecar.
Blackpool buses
My Mum’s funeral
Trip to Lincoln
Trip to Hull
Trip to Louth

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