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“…if Chris is cured.”

1965, the year that changed my life
Further visits to Sharon

February 1965
 Everyone at home was waiting for Chris to have a fit — except Chris himself, and Peter and me, who were absolutely sure that he wouldn’t. “I hope you feel it was all worthwhile,” Tom Bennett had written in his letter, “if Chris is cured.” This expression if Chris is cured was repeated time and again over the weeks that followed our first trip to Manchester. My Mum and Dad, for example, couldn’t really believe the reality of the cure, until time went on — and on. I used to contradict them every time they said, “If Chris is cured”; I would insist on saying, “Now that Chris is cured.” When he wanted to borrow my brother Steve’s bike, my Mum said, “He can’t ride a bike because he has fits”, and I said, “No, he doesn’t.”

Chris sees Dr. Black

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