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Further visits to Sharon

1965, the year that changed my life
We look up the biblical references to the healing of the epileptic

February 1965
 1. I told my parents that we wanted to start going to church at Sharon (and indeed Sharon sent our fare to enable us to go). I suppose, therefore, that Chris, Peter and I attended the evening meeting there on Sunday 14th February 1965 and perhaps the following Sunday as well. I have a vague recollection of being asked at school where I went to church — presumably I had been relating my recent experiences — and my enquirer being amazed to be told, “Manchester.”

 2. Whenever we went to Sharon, I gained the impression that we were regarded as something akin to conquering heroes, some kind of stars. But of all the stories of God’s healing power, ours was one of the more spectacular with our having run away from home to seek the merciful hand of the Lord.

 3. On a number of occasions we were coaxed onto the lower platform at the front of the church to give account of our adventures the previous January — in other words, to give our “testimony”. Perhaps once Chris had to do it, and another time I did it — or maybe we made a joint effort; for I have a vague recollection of reminding Chris in front of the gathered company about the dream
[1] (which unbeknown to me he didn’t have) when he had omitted it in his rendition of the tale. Or perhaps Pastor Williams mentioned it. The whole story would be related in intricate detail, right down to the hiding in the Castle Gardens toilets[2] (but omitting the bedroom scene at 73 Camp Street).[3]
[1] The adventure begins, par. 4
[2] The adventure begins, par. 17
[3] “By his stripes I am healed”, par. 1

“…if Chris is cured.”

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