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Back at church

1965, the year that changed my life
Holiday in Scarborough — Day Eight

Sunday 25th July 1965
 1. Back at the Full Gospel Church, Fleetwood, I thought the meetings were very subdued in comparison with the noisy and very lively ones at Scarborough.
 The evening meeting was perhaps the third that my Dad had attended, but still the hoped-for decision for Christ did not occur.

 2. Richard English,
[1] aware that my Dad wasn’t responding in the end-of-sermon appeals, kept coming to him with very pointed little questions. For example, when my Dad was kick-starting the engine of his motorbike and sidecar and just about to set off, he would come up and say things like, “Have you ever thought what would happen to your soul if you had a crash on the way home?”
[1] Richard English: See also Our first visit to the Full Gospel Church, Fleetwood and My Dad goes to the church.
A letter from Chris

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