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David Jones and David Doyle

1965, the year that changed my life
Speech Day
 1. At school I had been witnessing to David Jones, and I also witnessed to David Doyle, who was in my class.
 The progress I had made with Jones was considerable: at the start of the year, or at least a little later when Chris visited him, he still regarded me as “Vermin”.
[more] Then I had managed to talk to him, although I failed to convince him about the faith I professed.[more] But by June, Pam was able to write to me: “Glad to hear you’re getting somewhere with Jones. He may get saved yet.”[more]

"David Jones" — detail from 1965 school photo

"David Doyle" — detail from 1962 class photo

"David Doyle" — detail from 1965 class photo.
(Not much change there, then, in three years!)
December 1965
 2. Before the Christmas holidays I witnessed to both Jones and Doyle and tried to get them individually to accept Christ as their Saviour. I think Doyle responded favourably, though I can’t remember if he came to our church at this stage and put his hand up in an appeal; and although Jones didn’t respond so decisively, I had a positive impression about him, an idea that he was getting “close”.

Here end my notes on 1965, the year that changed my life.

Saturday 1st January 1966

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