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Maureen Smith’s question

1965, the year that changed my life
On the Knott End coach with Audrey

Sunday 14 November 1965
 My sitting with Audrey on the coach had not gone unnoticed by Maureen Smith. For during the next of her and Les’s
[1] frequent visits to our house after church on a Sunday evening, she asked me, somewhat embarrassingly in front of Les and my Mum and Dad, “Are you sweet on Audrey Wood’s daughter?” (Mr. and Mrs. Wood — Audrey and Ken — named their son and daughter after themselves.)
[1] Maureen and Les: We first met them, in these writings, in the T. L. Osborn story. See Sunday 2nd January 1966 for a list of references to them.

"Maureen Smith… and Les" — at our house, Christmas ca.1967

"Are you sweet on Audrey Wood's daughter?" — photo from 1966

"Mr. and Mrs. Wood — Audrey and Ken…" — from a late 1960s photo

"…named their son and daughter after themselves" — from a 1966 photo

Cover of the magazine European Herald, October 1965 edition

Maureen and Les are on the cover photo, for they went to Ostend on an evangelistic trip with Pastor Oldfield of the Ormskirk Assemblies of God church in 1964. See also Sunday 10th April 1966.

Detail from the cover photo
A festive occasion with the young people of the church

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