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Friday 10th June 1966


There is no diary-entry for today:
A Correspondence Course on Soulwinning — Lesson 4.
10th June 1966 is the date of posting to me of Lesson No.4 of “A Correspondence Course on Soulwinning” from the “International School of Evangelism”. With Lesson 4 was enclosed my answer sheet for Lesson 3, marked and with a copy of the School of Evangelism’s own “Outline Answers to Lesson 3”. [See Friday 24th June 1966 for Lesson 5.]
The “Outline Answers to Lesson 3” are not a manuscript copy, so evidently Jones did not return his answers to Lesson 3. That is also why Lesson No.4 is the original printed copy, and there is an unissued manuscript answer-sheet for Jones for Lesson 4. (See Tuesday 8th March 1966 for more details of Jones’s involvement in the course).
Click on the images below to enlarge.
Envelope showing the date of posting

Answers to Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Beginning only of a manuscript copy of Lesson 4

Unissued answer-sheet for Jones for Lesson 4

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