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Saturday 2nd July 1966


Convicted for
snogging and mucking
about. Refused to go on
Snogging and mucking about: See also Sunday 3rd July 1966 and Saturday 9th July 1966.

Refused to go on [the] knocker:
Cf. Johannine Writings XXII.1–3:
XXII.1.But gradually and imperceptibly, I lost my zeal, left my first love; my devotion began to abate, my fiery passion for the souls of men began to be quenched, and I became cold in heart.
2.And the reading of books replaced the ardent perusal of the Scriptures.
3.And so Audrey grew weary, for when she asked me about giving out tracts, I would not allow it; and when she asked again, I blazed in wrath and refused.
No refusal to give out tracts is recorded in my 1966 diary, but we do read that today I refused to go on the knocker. And not only was knocker work affected by this crisis of conscience, so were my interest in, and concentration on, church meetings; see Wednesday 6th July 1966.

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