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Friday 30th December 1966


Mrs. Williams sent me a letter, written 29.12.66 (i.e. 29th December 1966), postmarked MANCHESTER 9AM 30 DEC 1966:

    69, Upper Chorlton Road
       Whalley Range
          Manchester 16

Dear John,
       Thank you for your
letter & card. Trust you had
a happy Christmas & your family
also. If you could come for
the weekend after New Year
which is the 7th of January
that will be fine with us.
I take it that the three
of you are coming, and we are
all looking forward to seeing you.
You don’t need to write back
if everything is O.K. as I will
expect you for tea on the 7th.
Trust you all have a weekend
of blessing, as we renew fellowship
together. Love to Christopher and
John Peter and your families.
     God bless.Mrs. Williams.
Thank you for your letter…: It seems odd to me now that I should have been the instigator of the request to go and stay at the Williamses’; the mediator of such matters would more normally be Chris.

…and card: Cf. Friday 9th December 1966.

I take it that the three of you are coming: See Saturday 7th Janaury 1967 and Sunday 8th January 1967, where my original write-up, in omitting the use of any personal pronouns, merely indicates a going to Manchester, not of who went. Later discussion with Chris produced the additional notes which indicate that he was present. I have no recollection of whether Peter joined us, and assume he didn’t.

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