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Friday 9th December 1966


Ann  Peter
Tom Heaney
Barratt & Wills
————— Pam
K-in-Ashfield ?
(Babs & Doreen) ?
Others ?
(10) (9)

A Christmas cards list appears as the entry for Friday 9th December 1966. The final total of cards sent was 9, to Audrey, Trevor, Doyle, Chris and Peter, to Ann Fenton and Tom Heaney from the Blackburn party at Scarborough Camp (see Holiday in Scarborough — Day One), to Jones and to the Barratts and the Williamses. The deleted figure 10 may have included Pam, to whom I considered sending a card separately from that to the Williamses. (I also wrote a letter to the Williamses, requesting a visit, for Mrs. Williams wrote back to me: “Thank you for your letter and card”—see Friday 30th December 1966.) I also originally thought of sending cards to people from the Kirkby-in-Ashfield party at Scarborough Camp (see Holiday in Scarborough — Day One)—Babs and Doreen, Wilf and others—but decided against it.

May the Lord you, Wilf.
Sorry for the trouble we caused you (John & Pete).
Memories (Pam)

These were thoughts for messages on cards that I did not send:

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