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Sunday 18th September 1966


Did demonstration West View.
Cain and Abel sand tray.
Sunday morning and night
Barry had talk with me about God.
Sunday School Teachers’ Training
Prior to the Sunday morning Breaking of Bread service at church, I did a demonstration at the West View branch Sunday School, telling the story of Cain and Abel using figures in a sand tray as visual aid. Cf. Sunday 4th September 1966 and Sunday 11th September 1966.
After this, I have no more records relating to Sunday School till August 1967, apart from an entry in the 1966 diary, pages 20–22, listing twelve names of children I had in my first class at Lowther Road Sunday School.
I remember an incident there, not recorded in my diary, when I sat a little girl on my knee and when the session was over I stank of stale piss. That was the last time I ever had any Sunday School pupil on my knee! I must have gone to the Woods’ after that, because I remember Mr. Wood giving me some after-shave lotion to put on my trouser leg to disguise the smell, for there was the evening Gospel Service to go to before I would go home and change clothes.

Barry had [a] talk with me about God
, because he was concerned that my enthusiastic participation in church meetings had waned; I never prayed or testified any more. I was defeated spiritually and could not recover the lost ground.

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