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10th–16th July 1966


There are diary-entries this week for Sunday 10th July 1966, Monday 11th July 1966 and Tuesday 12th July 1966.

Across the space for the latter part of the week is the not-date-specific note:

Not been praying at all
or reading Scripture.
Am backsliding.
Not going on knocker or…
much at all. Some
Witnessing at School.
No peace. Very Depressed.
My Johannine Writings say of this period (XXII.1):
But gradually and imperceptibly, I lost my zeal, left my first love; my devotion began to abate, my fiery passion for the souls of men began to be quenched, and I became cold in heart.
It seems to me that Johannine Writings are wrong, though, in saying “gradually and imperceptibly”. It seems that the backsliding started with my inability to come to terms with my conscience over too much snogging (see, e.g. Saturday 9th July 1966), and was confirmed when I finally gave way to “” on Sunday 10th July 1966.

I wish I had kept up my diary-writing from the end of April, through May and June, because that might have shed light on the backsliding process.

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