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1966 diary: Pages 17 and 18


The diary that I started to keep in 1966 is a small week-to-an-opening volume. Pages 17 to 22 were for Addresses, though I only used pages 17 and 18 for these.

Audrey Wood
22 Leighton Avenue

Pastor Smith
42 Warren Avenue North
[Telephone] Fleetwood 2851

Trev Davies
Briar Road
[Telephone] Thornton 2451

Mr. & Mrs. Harrop
Fleetwood Road South
[Telephone] Thornton 3317

Robert Parkinson
21 Hesketh Place

Robert Miller
37 Heathfield Road

Jim Thompson
47 The Esplanade
(Flat 7)
[Telephone] Fleetwood 4377

D. C. Jones
11 Park Road
[Telephone] Thornton 2200
Audrey Wood was my girlfriend at this time. Pastor Stanley Smith was the pastor of the Full Gospel Church, Lowther Road, Fleetwood, to which we both went. Trevor Davies was (and still is) a friend of mine. He wasn’t one of the three of us (Chris Woodhead, Peter Gooding and me) who ran away to Manchester in January 1965,[more] when Chris was miraculously healed of epilepsy,[more] but he was caught up in the wave of conversions which followed our return[more] and was a fellow attender at the Full Gospel Church. Mr. and Mrs. Harrop were the neighbours who lived in the bungalow “Roselea” next door. It was they whom I rang from Manchester during our adventure there to try to reassure my parents.[more] Robert Parkinson and Robert Miller were two of the young people at the Full Gospel Church. It was always a bad move to ask Robert Parkinson how he was, because he would typically reply, “I’ve been depressed lately.” It was a standing joke between Trevor and me that Robert Parkinson once told us (or him), “I’ve been reading a good book; it’s called ‘The Christian in depression’”! Robert Miller, altogether a smoother, better groomed, well Brylcreemed type, was also, but less obviously, unstable. He was going out with Myra Dine when I first met him. Jim Thompson was a young man (though some years older than we were) fresh out of Bible College, conservatively suited and Brylcreemed, as befitting his training rôle of assistant pastor in the church. David Charles Jones was a fellow pupil at Fleetwood Grammar School, who prior to my conversion had been the butt of my taunting and mockery, but who afterwards was the target of my “witnessing”.

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