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Wednesday 3rd August 1966


In the NOTES section for this week, I wrote:

AND → • ?
I was evidently trying to encourage myself to resume a life of faith, overcome the habit of “”, and resume my doing the religious census on the knocker. The diary-entry proper for today is as follows:

Got C. Course back from Jones.
Went Alec Tee. Great!
FELT GOOD! Jessy and
Mary (crippled) partially
No “” is recorded for today, and correspondingly the diary entry says: P[raise] t[he] L[ord]. Good day!; and re the visit to Alec Tee’s campaign meeting it says: Great! Felt good!

Got C[orrespondence] Course back from Jones: Here is the covering letter from David Jones, written “1/8/66”, i.e. 1st August 1966, enclosing the question sheet from the Correspondence Course on Soulwinning, postmarked with “BLACKPOOL, LANCS. 1.30 PM 2 AUG 1966” and an advertisement for Blackpool Illuminations. (See Tuesday 8th March 1966 for more information about the Soulwinning Course.)

The Coppice,
11, Park Road,
Thornton Cleveleys,
Mr J. E. Cooper,
226 Fleetwood Road South,
Thornton Cleveleys,

Dear Mr. Cooper,
Thank you for the Course.
I have completed the question sheet and witnessed
to three people. One has had very encouraging results,
and he said that he realised that he needed to be saved and
would think over a tract that I gave him. The other two,
both friends of mine, have not so far proved to be responding
but I am going to keep the pressure on them, but not too

Trusting that this course meets with your fullest

I am, sir, your most obd’t servant,
D. C. J ones.
P.S. If you are going to write stiff formal letters to me
then I shall write stiffer and more formal ones back as
witness the above.


Going to Rochdale Thursday & then
camping so do not send course
till 13 inst. Will witness to somebody
in Rochdale. (vile curses on this
DJ (my monogram
like it?)
How different the tone of this letter is, from the one received on Wednesday 5th January 1966! My dealings with Jones during the school summer holidays were conducted by post: I don’t recall any visit of Jones to my house; and I was presumably still persona non grata in the Jones household after The Apple Incident three years before.

Alec Tee was Scottish, an Elim minister and evangelist who had a campaign in a marquee in a field at South Shore, Blackpool. He prayed for the sick in these meetings. I greatly amused the Wood household with my imitations of him.

Jessie and Mary were residents at Lakeland View, Laidleys Walk, Fleetwood, a home for severely disabled people. They attended our church, being mainly pushed there in wheelchairs by volunteers from the church. People from the church also went to Lakeland View to hold services for the residents from time to time.

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