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1965, the year that changed my life

What a year 1965 was! For me it was the most important, influential and formative year of all time. It was momentous, marvellous and miraculous. It was my watershed year, forever dividing what went before from what would come after. It was the year I discovered the Divine—or perhaps I should say the year the Divine disclosed itself to me.

One night in January 1965, my friends Peter and Chris, and I, aged 14, ran away from home.[more] “Home” was in Thornton Cleveleys near Blackpool. Chris suffered from epilepsy.[more] We’d seen a TV programme about a church in Manchester that claimed miracles of healing,[more] and were seeking a cure for his fits. After a number of adventures, including being given hospitality by a total stranger,[more] we ended up the next afternoon at the home of one of the pastors who had been on the TV.[more] We should have been in school, of course. Pastor Williams laid his hands on Chris and commanded the “evil spirit of epilepsy” to leave him in the name of Jesus Christ.[more] Whether or not there really was an evil spirit doesn’t matter: Chris never had another fit. And we were convinced straight away that God had done it—we saw no need to wait and see![more]

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